On the evening of the third Thursday each month something marvelous is happening.  Ashley Mitchell, founder of Blessings in a Basket and Big Tough Girl holds a Big Tough Girl support group for those of us who have placed.  I feel I'm at a loss for words to describe how wonderful of a feeling it is to talk with multiple other girls in similar situations as me.  After placement most Birth Parents feel alone, like we are the only ones who EVER placed their child for adoption - when that clearly just isn't the case.  Ashley has networked with girls from across the county "grafting lives together through our Birth Mom community."  It doesn't matter if you placed 3 weeks ago, or 30 years ago we all need to be remembered and have some support. 

This is from the Big Tough Girl website:

"What is BTG Support Group?
BTG Support groups are designed for birth moms to find healing and motivation, peace and support, and lasting friendships with birthmoms in their area and so much more...come in person once a month at a location near you or check in with us online.

Group is NOT just a place to talk about being a birth mom. If that is what you are going through and that is what you need...then I promise we will talk about it! But if you need to talk about something else...ANYTHING else...school, relationships, sex, health and image, friends, kids, money...we are going to talk about it.
Our support groups are FREE and just for you."

At this moment there are locations in Colorado, Nebraska and Utah - If you don't live close to any of these places (like me) you can join in on Skype.  Get your butt on over to the Big Tough Girl blog and read all about it.

I got to attend group this past week and can I just say that you ladies are so...well - Tough! ;)  Glad to be apart of the BTG community and can't wait to see what the future holds.

One of my favorite things I heard Ashley say was to, "Put him in a black hole and LEAVE him there!" I literally laughed out loud when I heard her say this.  How many times do we decide someone is bad news for us and then keep taking them out of that "black hole"?  Which inspired this......
Ashley has more up her sleeve than just this BTG support group.  She also runs Blessings in a Basket.  More about that later.  Visit her in the meantime here:

If you are currently adopting and would like your profile featured, please contact me.  I'd love to have you join!
I knew it was going to be a great evening when I pulled into Barnes and Noble for the Once Upon A Baby book signing and Herby the Love Bug was there to greet me!  And then turned around and saw this AMAZING sunset...I could see balloons through the upstairs window from the parking lot. 
I can not begin the describe what a wonderful conversation Shari Guess and I had about the blessings of adoption.  She is such a wonderful woman with a gift for feeling the Spirit and knowing exactly what to say.  Her son Garrett is truly blessed to have a Birth Mother Susan who was able to choose the perfect family for Garrett to thrive and grow like she dreamed he would.  Ooooooo I love Shari Guess.  Can you tell?  =) 
I brought home two copies of Once Upon A Baby by Shari Guess, one for me and one to send to my Claire.  Shari was kind enough to sign both of our copies.  Once Upon A Baby is the first book of it's kind.  It speaks specifically about LDS adoptions.  There are spiritual and eternal reasons those in the LDS faith choose adoption, including so their child can be sealed for time and all eternity to their family.  Something a single person could not give to their child.  Hear me now: If you are LDS and you have adopted BUY THIS BOOK!!! Your child NEEDS to hear the message it teaches. It is amazing.  It talks about how much the Birth Mother prayed to find YOU, the right family.  Which is especially important to me.  When you order a copy, send one to your Birth Parents too.  I promise they will cherish the book just as much as your child will!!

Thank you Shari for taking time out of your busy evening to make time for ME! 

Visit Once Upon A Baby to purchase your own copy! 
Also Available at the the following retailers:
Provo, UT: BYU Bookstore
SLC, UT: Weller Book Works
Dallas, TX: Moon's LDS Books
Fort Collins, CO:  Moroni Books & Gifts
I just heard about the most marvelous book I just had to share with you.  It is an original piece written for children about adoptions finalized through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
 "A heartwarming tale of LDS Adoption. Follow a child's journey from the Pre-existence to his family's home on Earth. The divine guidance of the Savior, along with the love and prayers of both birth and adoptive parents are gently and lovingly portrayed in this tender story of the ultimate "Happily ever after".
                                                                                                     - Once Upon A Baby

You can purchase your own copy HERE for only $14, and that includes shipping!  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy, and then send one to my Claire...and then put one in every Birth Mother Hug that gets sent out! :)

Here's a sneak peak inside.  Go to Once Upon A Baby to see more of the book.

Someone gave me the advice that making this website so close to when Claire was born was bad for me.  So I stopped updating this site, or helping any Birth Mothers out.  Looking back now, I really regret not continuing to keep up with things. 

I met the most amazing woman, Tracy on Saturday at a mutual friends daughter's birthday party.  (Wow, that's a mouth full!) We met reading the map outside the park looking for structure number nine and got along well at the party.  She told me about her cute little family, her two boys and little girl also that they were wanting their family to be a little bigger.  Tracy and her husband are trying to adopt! :) I almost squealed for joy I was so excited for her!!!  Here is yet another example of people sharing their experience of adoption with me, without knowing my history.  How wonderful.  Tracy and her family live in Missouri (so if you know of anyone looking for a forever family for their little one in Missouri...just saying). 

I haven't been able to get Tracy out of my head since we met.  On my drive home from the party I started to think about all the girls I've missed out helping being away from Choosing Destiny.  This made me very disappointed and sad.  That being said, I can not wait to sponsor a Birth Mother, hopefully one near me so I can meet her.  Know a Birth Mother?  Contact me so I can get in touch with her.  Thank you Tracy for planting that seed back in me so I can get back to this cause.