Someone gave me the advice that making this website so close to when Claire was born was bad for me.  So I stopped updating this site, or helping any Birth Mothers out.  Looking back now, I really regret not continuing to keep up with things. 

I met the most amazing woman, Tracy on Saturday at a mutual friends daughter's birthday party.  (Wow, that's a mouth full!) We met reading the map outside the park looking for structure number nine and got along well at the party.  She told me about her cute little family, her two boys and little girl also that they were wanting their family to be a little bigger.  Tracy and her husband are trying to adopt! :) I almost squealed for joy I was so excited for her!!!  Here is yet another example of people sharing their experience of adoption with me, without knowing my history.  How wonderful.  Tracy and her family live in Missouri (so if you know of anyone looking for a forever family for their little one in Missouri...just saying). 

I haven't been able to get Tracy out of my head since we met.  On my drive home from the party I started to think about all the girls I've missed out helping being away from Choosing Destiny.  This made me very disappointed and sad.  That being said, I can not wait to sponsor a Birth Mother, hopefully one near me so I can meet her.  Know a Birth Mother?  Contact me so I can get in touch with her.  Thank you Tracy for planting that seed back in me so I can get back to this cause.

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