It seems like ever since I placed Claire with her forever family people flock to me to talk about their own adoption stories.  For example, I was at work a couple days ago and this woman tells me that she was adopted and that she recently found out that
her half brother has lived in the same town her whole life, and she didn't even know about him.  Why do these random people share their experiences with me when they don't know about Claire?  Whatever the reason is, I love it.  I love to hear other people's stories and experiences, so keep them coming! 

I have had such a great response so far.  I've only given the web address to 3 people and we had over a hundred hits on Wednesday!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Now I just need to find out if I can accept donations without being a non-profit organization.  If you know about this, please contact me!  I want to be able to collect donations ASAP!! 
Here we are 5 months after Claire was born and I am finally starting this website!  I really hope that I can put into words what I want the whole world to know!!  I'm looking around at a lot of adoptive families profiles looking for people to feature on this site.  I hope I can get together a good group of them, and be able to put their profile out there for more prospective birth mothers to see.  I am really excited for all of this to happen.

I want to start a birth parent support group, and when we get enough people we can do a retreat every year!! 

Please contact me with any ideas or references that will help me out!  Thank you!


ps Thanks for stopping by!